Book securely and in confidence with our refund guarantee and optional Booking Protect Insurance.

We understand the changing circumstances and restrictions can make it difficult to book, however, our Booking Refund Promise for those booking direct with Wall Eden Farm Holidays will ensure your booking is moved or refunded if you are unable to travel due to:

  • Wall Eden Farm being closed as a result of covid-19.
  • You are placed under a national lockdown and are unable to travel.

If you book through a third party we cannot offer the Wall Eden Farm Holiday’s Booking Refund Guarantee, as the third parties terms and conditions would determine the refund policy.

If you would like the additional cover, please click below to view Booking Protect Insurance, which can be booked on placing your reservation (please note it cannot be added after your booking is confirmed).


Corona Virus Response

First of all, we would like to say thank you for booking, your support is keeping our family business going and we are very thankful.

We are taking a number of preventative measures in order to try and combat the virus and transmission, keeping Wall Eden Farm Holidays a safe rural retreat. Please ensure you read the below information and thank you in advance for your understanding during this difficult time.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented the following measures to keep staff and guests as safe as possible:

Professional cleaning and laundry services have been briefed to ensure Covid Secure procedures are being followed. Cleaning check lists are also being utilised.

We are no longer operating a ‘reception’ to meet and greet guests etc, further reducing the communal areas and chance of contact. However we are open at reception should you have a query, question or just fancy a chat about the site and local area.

In an emergency there will a contact number within your accommodation guide (an emergency is a water leak, electrical issue, health issue or similar)

Keys will be placed within the property key safe on the relevant accommodation. You will be contacted prior to their stay with the key safe details (the details will be in your full payment confirmation), allowing you safe access to the accommodation. Please note we are cleaning the key safes prior to placing the keys within them, and after.

All keys and fobs are being sanitised between guests.

The games barn is open for use (pool table and tennis) – please sanitise hands before and after use.

Supermarket deliveries – Please note you should still be able to book supermarket deliveries to your accommodation. Please ensure the supermarket knows which accommodation you are staying in, and book the delivery for when you have arrived (please ensure you leave plenty of time to arrive). Wall Eden staff are unable to accept the delivery and/or pack the delivery away.

Adventure Activities; all guests will be asked to sanitise their hands prior to the activity, and all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between each activity. Booking your activities in advance is a must, as they are all organised ahead of time (please do not wait until arrival).


If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of the corona virus or any other cold/flu-like symptoms, please do not travel to stay at Wall Eden Farm Holidays.

Are you self isolating/quarantining? If so, please ensure you self isolate /quarantine at your home address, do not under any circumstance do so at Wall Eden Farm.

If you develop symptoms or signs of illness during your holiday please call us immediately to make us aware. You will be required to leave your accommodation straight away and return to your home address (where it is safe to do so).

Please ensure you follow government guidelines and law at all times, including holidaying guidelines and social distancing – failure to do so will result in the non-refundable termination of your holiday.

We strongly recommend taking out an insurance policy that covers you for cancellations, local lockdowns, self-isolation or for any other reason you are unable to attend your holiday.
Please check our website for further updates, as the above measures may change.

Our aim is to keep Wall Eden Farm Holidays a safe rural retreat during what is no doubt going to be a difficult year for all of us. We would like to reiterate how much we appreciate your help and understanding during this difficult time.

Many thanks,

Wall Eden Farm