The Pamper Pod

About the Pamper Pod

Coronavirus update – 16.03.20 – Due to the recent outbreak Sophie will not be offering treatments in our Pamper Pod for the foreseeable future. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.


The Pamper Pod at Wall Eden Farm offers luxury massage and holistic therapies from our on-site treatment room. Each massage is tailored to suit you and provide a truly luxurious experience. Bookings are available to individuals, couples and groups.

Availability Availability can be flexible so please contact Sophie to request a time and day to suit you. Same day appointments are available, subject to availability.

How to Book Call Sophie on 01278 765990.

How do I pay? The full amount must be paid prior to your therapy by bank transfer or Pay Pal.

About Sophie Sophie Croxford HDipCT is a fully qualified Complementary Therapist gaining her Diploma with VTCT in Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Her love of Reflexology has meant that she has extended her knowledge to include Reflexology Lymph Drainage to aid breast cancer and lipodema sufferers, as well as Preconception and Maternity Reflexology. She is also a Tera-Mai Reiki/Seichem Master. Her armoury of massage therapies include Hot Stone, Warm Bamboo, Deep Tissue, Balinese, Pregnancy, Aromatherapy, Thai Foot and Oriental Face. She prides herself on her holistic approach to her clients, assessing their individual needs and creating a unique treatment just for them.

Treatment List

Swedish Massage A harmonising body massage incorporating deep tissue and tapotement techniques, stretches and trigger point work. 30 minutes Back, Neck and Shoulder – £30.00 60 minutes Full Body – £50.00

Aromatherapy Massage A flowing and relaxing massage which combines the benefits of using specialised massage techniques along with soothing essential oils tailor made to your requirements. 30 minutes Back, Neck and Shoulder – £35.00 60 minutes Full Body – £55.00

Hot Stone Massage A deeply relaxing and warming treatment using basalt stones to massage away aches, pains and tension. 30 minutes Back, Neck and Shoulder – £35.00 60 minutes Full Body – £60.00

Warm Bamboo Massage A massage carried out on the back and back of legs for muscle tension and aches. The bamboo sticks literally iron away pain and leave the body relaxed and invigorated. 60 minutes Back and Back of Legs – £60.00

Balinese Massage A spiritual as well as deeply relaxing massage using hot aromatic oils, sweeping strokes and stretches over the body, feet, face and scalp. Chakras are also balanced and energised. This treatment leaves you feeling balanced, deeply relaxed and with a sense of complete well-being. 75 minutes – £68.00

Pregnancy Massage A massage especially for those aches, pains and cramps which occur during pregnancy. The massage is carried out with the client laying on their side, fully supported with pillows for complete comfort. Suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy. 60 minutes – £55.00

Reflexology A foot treatment providing deep relaxation, revitalised energy, stress relief and balance to the energy flows of the body. 45 minutes – £50.00

Thai Foot Massage This treatment involves massaging and stretching the feet and legs and stimulates pressure points using a Thai foot stick. Very beneficial if you spend a lot of time on your feet or you are feeling tired or stressed. 30 minutes – £30.00 60 minutes – £50.00

Reiki/Seichem A hands on treatment using energy healing bringing the body and mind back into balance. Chakras will be balanced and crystals will be used. The treatment is carried out with the client fully clothed and laying down. It can help with physical symptoms as well as emotional issues such as grief or depression. 60 minutes – £50.00

R&R Package Reflexology and Reiki combined for a stress busting treatment leaving you feeling a sense of well-being inside and out. 90 minutes – £78.00

Oriental Face Massage Acupressure, skin plumping, lymph drainage and western style massage is used in this natural face lift massage. Tension in the shoulders and neck are soothed away. Blissful and revitalising at the same time. 30 minutes – £35.00